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If you are a person born in January or the starting days of February then you are associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius born people are considered to be shy and quite but they can be very energetic and eccentric in some ways too(Want know more about how birthstone impact personality?). The literal meaning of Aquarius is “water bearer”. It is one of the earliest known constellations in the history of astrology. The birthstone associated with the month of January and the zodiac sign Aquarius is the Garnet. Garnet is a beautiful stone that could be found in a range of colors but most commonly red garnet is easily available and is considered to have many beneficial effects on the wearer especially if he also has the zodiac sign Aquarius.  

Garnet gets its name from the work “garnet”, belonging to 14th century Middle English language, which means dark red. Although the most commonly found stone is the red garnet but it has many variations. There are certain stones of garnet which can change their colors with the light. It is a very durable stone and is commonly worn in jewelry.  

This stone is a precious mineral found in almost all parts of the world including India, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Sri-Lanka, Madagascar, Wyoming and Russia. There is a lot of ancient information available about the effects and benefits of Garnet. It is supposed to fill the house with prosperity, peace and good health. In some ancient literature, garnet is associated with faith of the wearer. It is said that this stone can bring good fortune to the person who does good deeds while wearing the stone. On the contrary if a person commits evil while wearing a garnet, it is thought that the person will have to face evil himself. 

Garnet is also associated with the purest relationship of friendship. It is thought that garnet has the powers to strengthen your friendships. It seems like an amazing idea to gift your friend or a person you value deeply a lush and beautiful garnet as a symbol of love and friendship. 

It does not matter how you are planning to wear this beautiful stone, but if you are an Aquarius person you should surly wear this gem to start your year full of purpose, prosperity, happiness and goodwill. 

History of Garnet: 

This charming, deep red colored stone find its origin back to ancient times. The reminiscent jewelry of bronze ages has many pieces embellished with garnet stones. The ancient Egyptians also used garnet in their jewelry and it has a very significant value in history. Egyptians used to believe that this red colored crystal has many strong powers and hence named it as a symbol of life. Romans were also very interested in the stone and it was very much popular among them during the 4th and 5th century. 

Due to the belief in healing powers of garnet, irrespective of it being considered the zodiac sign of Aquarius, it was widely in use by all the people to protect them from plague and other diseases. Warriors used to wear this stone for protection during the wars. 



Benefits of wearing Garnet: 

For all the people born in January having the astrological sign Aquarius(but there are also people who born in February who is also Aquarius), Garnet can have very strong and lasting effects. The stone is believed to have healing powers along with certain effects on the personality. This stone imparts the wearer with certain very impressive personality traits and hence it has wide demand everywhere. 

  • Healing Powers:

Garnet, as a stone that symbolizes life is thought to protect the person wearing it from all the illnesses and harmful lethal diseases. This stone has powers to impart positivitycourage and belief in one’s own self. This stone can cure a person who has illnesses and reduce the effects of evil from the person. It can also be worn during any expedition and its use during wars was quite common when people used to believe that this stone can help protect the wearer from death and bad injury.  

It is believed since ancient times that garnet is associated with good health. A Person who regularly wears the stone is not only protected from the diseases and illnesses but also it keeps the overall health of the wearer in order.  

In these times almost every person is dealing with stress and anxiety issues. Those people who were born in January and wear the Aquarius birthstone jewelry can have positive and healing effects on the mental health too. It can take away the unnecessary depression and protect from anxiety. This stone is a long term solution to a wide range of your mental problems. 

Lastly but most importantly, the worst thing that can affect any person’s happiness and well-being is the jealousy of people around him. At times our happiness is directly affected by the evil eye that can ruin all your success. To protect yourself from the harms of evil eye wearing a garnet is all you have to do. The positive energies of the stone repel the negativity of people and in turn protect the wearer from the harms that the evil eye would have inflicted on him. 

  • Effects of Personality:

The most common positive effects that a garnet can have on a personality include consistency, courage, faith and truthfulness. It makes the wearer believe in himself and work harder for his goals. It makes you patient and honest and is believed to reduce many bad and unlikable aspects of the personality.  

If you are a person who constantly has to face failure because of your inability to complete the tasks assigned to you, maybe all you are looking for is a stone. All the people having Aquarius zodiac signs can wear a garnet stone that is so positive for their personality that they become more and more consistent with every passing pay and hence more successful. 

Another problem faced by many people is that they are unable to succeed in life and make their way in it because of the lack of self-confidence. This self-confidence can make even a skillful person lose the race of life miserably. All you need to do is to wear a garnet that will enrich you with courage and self-confidence. Once you have these two traits in your personality. There is no way anyone can compete with you with all that talent you have in yourself. 

At times you have to suffer big time in your life due to the lack of honesty in your nature. Or you might have a person that you love who is not that honest with you. If this is the case, wearing a garnet can make a person more truthful and honest too. This is not only a great personal trait but it also makes your success in life even more achievable.  

You might be wondering how a stone can have any effects on a person’s personality. It can be described in two ways. First, these stones have certain radiations emitting from them that can change the chemical behaviors of the body of a person and hence the healing effects. On the other hand if an Aquarius person wears this stone, it will harness its energy from the plant Uranus and transfer it to the wearer.  

How to wear a Garnet: 

The color of garnet is the one that almost anyone would love to wear. A person having Aquarius as their zodiac sign are lucky to have a stone that not only has so many positive and beneficial effects on them but also this stone is extremely beautiful. It could be worn in a necklace or a ring.  

Women have more options to choose from while deciding the jewelry that has to fit a garnet in it. There are beautiful necklacesringsearrings etc. made from garnet. Men on the other hand mostly chose a ring or a bracelet that has a garnet in it. The choices are countless and size of the stone is does not have anything to do with the positive effects of the stone. So wear this Aquarius birthstone jewelry in any way you want and reap all the goodness out of it. 

Garnet as a Gift: 

If you are planning to present your loved ones with a gift that is both precious and has beneficial effects on them, buying a garnet is the best option that you have. Just get a real stone on put it in any piece of jewelry and you are good to go. Mostly these stones look very pretty if worn as a pendant. These have such a generic color that they can easily be pulled off with any dress so don’t worry that the person you are gifting it to won’t be able to wear it more often. Besides the stone will show your attention towards the wellbeing of your loved one and this is a very kind and lovable gesture in itself. 

So, if you are an Aquarius person yourself or you have a loved one that has the same zodiac sign. Garnet is something that will change your life and personality completely but highlighting the positive side of your nature and concealing the negative side.  

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