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Zodiac signs have so much effect on our lives that almost everyone knows the sign that they belong to. Even if there are some people who do not have a firm believe on zodiac signs, they still somewhat think that they are related to their zodiac. So, if you are a person born between March 21 and April 20 then you probably already know that your zodiac sign is Aries. Aries is the first of all the 12 zodiac signs and it has a diverse history. People born under the sign Aries are generally called the children of Mars. This is because the sign has a direct contact from the planet mars and if a person born under the sign Aries has some changes in his life occurring at a fast rate then probably it is because of the energies planet Mars is sending to them.

All the zodiac signs of people were divided into 4 categories based on the ancient belief in 4 elements system. These four groups or elements were, fire, air, water and land. It was believed in the ancient times that everything existing in the universe is made up of these 4 elements only. Hence the zodiac signs were also assigned to the 4 elements because of the traits of these elements coinciding with the traits of the people born during specific times of the year. The Aries zodiac sign falls under the element of fire. There are a total of 4 fire signs and people who belong to the zodiacs belonging to fire are at times very short of temper, hence hot like fire.

Although the plants have direct contact with the people born with their respective zodiac sign, a way to connect with your stars or planets in a better way is to wear zodiac birthstones. These are the stones that have a direct effect on your mental physical and spiritual development. Aries individuals have a few options to choose from when it comes to birthstones as there are few zodiac signs that have more than one birthstone too. The stones for Aries include diamond and aquamarine most commonly. But there are not a lot of people who have a strong believe that Aries have a birthstone diamond. That is why the use of Aquamarine is more widespread. There is a rich history attached to all the stones that are used these days and so is the case with aquamarine too.


Aquamarine is a very beautiful light blue colored stone. Its color is so similar to water that it became the inspiration for its name. Aquamarine is a Latin word meaning “sea water”. This stone has many different color variants and it is believed to have effects onpeople born in March( what about April?) or the people who have zodiac signAries. Surprisingly, during the 19th century people used to prefer the stone with a sea green shade, at times the one witch had a green yellow hue in it, but now the more the stone have blue shade the more it is considered beautiful and valuable and hence expensive.

The biggest aquamarine was discovered a century ago in Brazil and it was so huge that it weighed 243 pounds. Later this stone was broken down into smaller pieces and little crystals were made out of it. The history of aquamarine is as rich as any other mineral. It was believed by ancient Roman people that if someone carves a frog on an aquamarine and gift it to an enemy, that stone will melt his heart and have so many positive effects that the enemy will turn into a friend. These roman people also associated this stone with love and romance, It was believed that this stone makes thelove of two people grow deeper and make them fall for each other more and more.

This stone was considered as the most appropriate gift for anewlywed bride by her husband as it ensures the love andrespect that he has for her. It was even believed that if a married couple is drawn apart and they havemisunderstandings between them, aquamarine is the stone that will reawaken the lost love and affection between them.

As the name indicates, this stone has a very strong relationship with water. It has some strong connection that made the sailors always wear this stone during their sea voyage. It was believed to control the waters and prevent them from harming the wearer. Apart from that this stone was also given to soldiers due to thebravery andcourage it gives to the person wearing it. This stone made the warriors invincible.

This stone has somereligious significance too as it belongs to the stones that Arron, the brother of Moses and the first high priest of Jews, used to wear on his breast plate. These 12 stones used to signify the 12 tribes of Jews at that time.

This stone was also believed to have certain mystical andmagical powers. In the older times the stone was made into a ball and it was used to see the future hence many fortune tellers had an aquamarine ball guiding them into the future. This stone had many healing powers too which are described below.

Healing Powers of Aquamarine:

Aquamarine is one of those stones which had a huge market formedical purposes too. In the ancient times it was believed that if a person is poisoned, the effect can be reversed by this stone aquamarine. Since many royal family members were poisoned too, it became a usual practice for the members of royal family to wear an aquamarine to keep themselves safe.

Other medical uses of aquamarine include its powers to heal certain diseases including stomach, liver, jaws, and throat and at times it had valuable healing effect on the toothache too. It was also used as an amulet and was worn as a necklace or a ring. It was believed that aquamarine can heal all kinds of pains if worn regularly.

Personality traits:

Aquamarine has very important effect on the personality traits of the people. Although the people belonging to all of the 12 astrological signs can have the benefits of aquamarine but it affects the people born under the sign of Aries the most. First of all we will discuss the general personality traits of Aries people and then we will discuss the effects of aquamarine on these people.

Aries in general are people with a lot oftemper as this zodiac sign also belongs to the element fire. They are veryindependent people, no person belonging to the sign Aries like any dictation by any other person. They choose their path by their own free will and do whatever pleases them. But at the same time it is also observed that people who are born with an Aries personality are veryimpulsive. They take decisions without giving a proper thought to them. At times they getangry and take wrong decisions owing to their lose temper. That is why most of the people belonging to this zodiac sign have a difficulty when they have to control themselves. They can’t conserve their energy and has a habit of at times wasting their energy in wrong places but if they use their birthstone they can have all these things controlled.

Aquamarine helps the Aries individual to have a control over their own self and help them channel their energies in the right direction. It also provides them with peace of mind and spiritual strength which can be very helpful in controlling the anger that the Aries people are born with. Hence it is something that can be very beneficial for an Aries individual if he wants to have a successful life and deal with his own personality.

Aquamarine Jewelry for Aries:

Aquamarine is not only a beneficial stone, but also a very pretty one too. It can be made to embellish many beautiful pieces of jewelry. It looks extraordinarily beautiful when combines with platinum or silver. There is no specific Aries birthstone jewelry and they can wear it whatever way they want. It can make your necklaces and earrings look very catchy and at the same time it can have great effects on your personality.

If a person is interested in harnessing all the benefits of aquamarine and is willing to wear it all the time, getting a pendent in a thin chain could be a good idea. Also wearing it in a ring also makes it look very beautiful and you can wear it with whatever outfit you are wearing.

Due to the known effects of aquamarine on the love life of people it is a great idea to gift your soulmate or any other person or friend that you love with any piece of jewelry that has an aquamarine on it. If you are scared about the prices of the ring or necklace getting high because of platinum, you can always choose silver too. So rush now and get yourself and your loved ones some aquamarines soon.

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