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Gemini is the zodiac sign of people born between May 21st and June 20th. This is one of the most powerful zodiac signs with twins as its star symbol. It is name after the constellation of Gemini and it has a very rich mythological history as well.

Every zodiac sign has some unique history of its origin but the most interesting story is that of the zodiac sign Gemini. Gemini is the sign associated with the constellation of Gemini which is linked with the story of twin brothers of Helen in Greek mythology. Their mother was made pregnant by two different men at the same night and hence both these brothers Castor and Pollux had the same mother but different fathers. Pollux was the son of the God Jupiter while Castor was mortal human being. Both were known for theirbravery andstrength. They went together at the expedition of bringing their sister back to her husband. But a time came when Castor had to die because of his mortality. This made Pollux very sad and he begged his father Jupiter to reunite the brothers. Hence they both were reunited in heaven. The constellation of Gemini is also made up of twin starts representing the twin brothers.

Since all the astrological signs are categorized into 4 groups based of the four elements that were considered the basis of everything in the ancient times. These elements are fire, earth, air and water. Each one of these four elements gives certain interesting characteristics and personality traits the people born under the starts belonging to each one of them. Gemini is one of the four air signs. The people belonging to the starts that are classified under air signs are thought to be very intellectual and are always curious to discover the hidden realities and truths of the world.

When it comes to the energies both positive and negative that are owned and controlled by the Gemini people, we have to talk about the ancient Hindu belief in 7 Chakras around different parts of the body. Each chakra has a specific energy stored in it and the sign of each chakra impacts that particular energy in the people who have that sign. The zodiac sign of Gemini has a control over throat chakra. This empowers the Gemini people and makes them more vocal with strong persuasion power and extraordinarily impressive communication skills.

Although all these energies are connected to a zodiac sign, there are certain ways to harness these energies in a very effective way. One of such way is to wear a birthstone that is connected to the planet of that astrological sign. In case of Gemini the planet is Mercury. Wearing a stone that enhances the powers owned by Gemini people will make the planet Mercury shower its powers on the wearer and make him happy, prosperous and successful. There are a lot of birthstones that are thought to enhance the powers of Gemini people, this include Moss agate, Tiger’s eye etc. but the most accepted stone which is also the stone of the month of May by the charts that enlist birthstones by months is emerald. Emerald is a beautiful green colored stone and in the following we will get to know all about the stone emerald.



History of Emerald:

Due to its beauty and positive properties, emerald has been one of the celebrity stones since six thousand years. This stone was worn and loved by the royal families from almost all the countries around the world. Even now the stone has so much value that it is three to four times even more expensive than that diamond, which makes it an extremely luxurious stone. This stone has been worshiped in many parts of the world and its existence has been mentioned in very old Babylon times.

The mention of emerald in recent history is through Aristotle who loved and adored this stone. He believed that whoever owns an Emerald will have manypositive traits, he isloved andrespected and he also gets moreconfidence andprosperity in life over all. He also believed in themedical effects of the stone, according to Aristotle emerald was great for eyesight and he also advised the noblemen to make their children wear Emeralds in their necks to protect them from getting epilepsy.

Different faiths have different attachments with this stone. While many used to worship it, others valued it as a symbol of piety. The stone is thought to bring goodluck to the wearer and make him both physically and mentally strong and prevents diseases. The Greeks used to connect this stone with rebirth andprosperity. Emerald is represented as something that symbolizes fidelity. This stone was also used by ancient magicians who believed that the powers of this stone will make them able to do things that they want.

It was once believed that emerald is a veryfriendly stone as it loves andprotects its wearer. It alarms the wearer about the incoming dangers and health problems by changing colors and hues. It was also believed that if someone put an emerald in his mouth he could be made to tell future happenings that are about to happen. Samefortune telling benefits were gained from people who wore an emerald on the left side of their body.

History also reveals that emerald was one of the most favorite stones of the Queen Cleopatra. Even today many royals of the modern world love wearing emerald and it is the stone that is not only beautiful but also expensive and not everyone can easily own it. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who is well known for making Taj Mahal also used to love emeralds and had many religious texts inscribed in this stone and used to keep them with himself all the time.

All this historical importance makes emerald a very charming stone and everyone would want to wear it but at the same time there are certain healing effects of emerald too. At times this stone will have many positive effects on the personality of the wearer. All this would be discussed as follows.

Healing Powers of Emerald:

Emerald is associated with manymedical andhealing properties since very old times. It is believed for a very long time that if a person is suffering from any eyesight issue and starts wearing an emerald he will have his eyesight fixed within a short period of time. In older days when someone was susceptible to get any illness, they were protected by emeralds. The stone has antitoxic effects too, anyone who is a regular wearer of emerald would be saved from poison and black magic too.

There are a few stones that have a huge impact on the mental and spiritual capabilities of a person, Emerald not only affects the mental health of specific stars being the birthstone for Gemini, it also helps other people to deal with their spiritual well-being. Emerald also signifies love andbeauty. This stone naturally makes the wearer very beautiful and also have very strong effects on the love life of the wearer.

After understanding the plethora of healing benefits that this stone has everyone, let alone Gemini would want to wear this stone but the effects on Gemini people are better than those on anyone else. Let us now have a look at the personality of a Gemini person that is effectively dealt by wearing an Emerald.

Personality Traits of Gemini:

Gemini people have a lot of positive traits but at times they have some negative qualities too. These negative traits are effectively tackled by wearing gemini birthstone jewelry made from emerald. The positive traits of a Gemini include their gentle and affectionate behavior towards the fellow human beings. They are very smart people who have inherent curiosity in them. This curiosity makes them good researchers and explorers. They are quick learners who grasp the knowledge very fast and also they are very creative. Gemini always comes up with out of the box ideas and loves to share them.

The negative traits associated with Gemini people are that they are very indecisive. They have a bit of a confused personality and they at times doubt their own decisions. They can turn out to be inconsistent and are also nervous at times. But these negative behaviors are very effectively tackled by the birthstone emerald.

Gemini Birthstone Jewelry:

The stone emerald is so beautiful that it can make almost any type of jewelry look fantastic. Since it is very expensive, it is a good idea to get a pendent with a chain to wear in neck as a necklace. It could also be worn in a ring that will not only make it look beautiful but also it won’t be that hard on your pocket.

Emerald is a perfect gift for any of your loved ones if they belong to the star Gemini. You can present a beautiful piece of jewelry demolished with Emerald on it, although it would be an expensive gift but it is a great way to let them understand their importance for you.

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