Libra Birthstone

February 28, 2019 6 min read

Libra is one of the 12 constellations that are found between the sun and the plants. All these 12 constellations are collectively called as the road to the sun. These have been studied and understood for thousands of years and people have figured out ways to connect the movement of the plants to predict the happenings of the future and other possible truths of the world. People born between September 23 and October 23 are put under the zodiac sign of Libra. The lives and personality of people born under this zodiac sign is greatly affected by the movement of the planets over all. Understanding your Libra personality can make things and decisions in life very easy.

The symbol of every astrological sign has a great impact on the overall behavior and personality of any Libra person. It is the only star sign out of the 12 that has an inanimate object as a symbol. All other star signs are either represented by an animal or a living being but Libra is represented by a weight scale with one side heavier than the other. It is a very meaningful sign as it represents the balance in the life of a Libra person.

Any star sign can have his personality and life affected by the gemstones and charms that he wears. These gemstones have certain energies connected to them that affect the everyday life of the wearer. That is why even today many people strongly believe in wearing lucky charms due to the proved effects calculated in ages of gemstone evolution. There are many Birthstones that are believed to have very strong effects on Libra people, but the most important ones include Opal and Lapis Lazuli.


Opal is a very beautiful stone that is found in relatively lower temperature zones of the world. The stone is found in a precious and semi-precious form. The precious opals have a capacity to play with light; this means that the stone changes color when it is moved under white light making it looks more beautiful and attractive. It is very easy to detect an opal even at the first sight due to its eye catching beauty and attractiveness. This stone has many beneficial and positive effects on the person wearing it. Although it is the stone related to zodiac sign of Libra, it is also the October birthstone according to the charts made for birthstones by months.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious gemstone that is beautiful blue in color. This gemstone is found mostly in the areas of Afghanistan. It also has found its value in exports all around the world, especially Europe because of its beautiful blue color that is used to make blue hue for paints etc. This stone is also believed to have certain very strong effects on the overall well-being of a person. It brings good luck to its wearer and also makes his life decisions easier keeping the negative energy away from him.

History and Facts about Opal:

Opal is a very beautiful stone that is also related with the 14th year of marriage or relationship with any person you love. The word opal is derived from the amalgamation of different words from different languages meaning precious, colorful etc.

One of the very strange fact about opal is the false belief that somehow this stone is connected to the bad luck, in fact this believe was relatively new and was totally based on a fictional novel. People started believing that opal is a bad stone and the opal market crashed within a very short period of time. But this does not mean that people could not understand the real positive effects of the stone of their personality. Maybe that is the reason why people still buy the stone as a lucky charm and wear it religiously to reap all the benefits out of it.

But one must thing why this beautiful stone that has been proven to be the bringer of good luck considered to be associated with the bad luck, well this happened practically when people did not understand the special conditions that are required for the stone and how the stone was to be cut properly. At times the jewelers will end up breaking the stone because of their lack of experience in working with the stone and this was considered bad luck for the jeweler. But overall this stone has many positive effects especially on the people born under the star sign Libra.

People have believed in the powers of opal for a very long time. In the middle Ages, blonde women who loved their hair and didn’t want them to change hue used to wear an opal around their neck. Also the stone was once believed to be so powerful that it could make a person invisible. This stone is related with many good personality traits that it imparts to its wearer; there include fidelity, confidence, love, understanding behavior etc. There are a lot of healing powers of the stone which will now be discussed in the later sections.

Powers of Opal:

Opal is a stone that has the ability to amplify a trait and make its effects even more visible. It amplifies all the good traits in a person and make is personality get transformed within a short period of time. The stone is thought to be so powerful that at times it brings out the unknown powers inside a person on surface. It is tested and proved that opal makes any person the best version of his own self.

The beauty of this stone is enough to represent its powers that are supportive towards creativity and art. The stone makes a person more productive and make them do wonders and explore their full potential. The reflective ability of the stone not only impart beauty and color to it, it also signifies the ability of this stone to bring out the colors of hope and creativity in the person who is wearing the stone. Just like the stone choses a color of light to reflect out of all the colors off white light, opal makes a person understand his true potentials and work hard to make this trait his strength.

Just like the way, zodiac sign Libra is related to the weighing scale, opal also has a deep connection with equality and fair play. Whoever wear the stone becomes more just and his vision is broadened. The stone finds out the best personality traits of a person and amplify them in a way to empower the wearer and hence this stone has overall positive effects on the life of any person who wear them, although a Libra person will be able to reap out the most benefits in this regard.

Personality traits of a Libra and effects of Birthstones on them:

Libra is one of those star signs that have a very visible effect on the personality. Anyone who is born Libra would have a very strong and dominating personality. But this does not mean that the softer side of these people is missing. In fact, mostly the Libra people are very loving and caring; they are experts in romance and lovemaking. They are very tactful human beings they are born leaders and they understand how to get the things done. They have a very charming personality and all these traits could be enhanced and at times amplified by wearing gemstones that are related to their zodiac sign.

Libra people are very diplomatic and as the symbol of their zodiac sign indicates, they are experts in maintaining a balance in their life. Even if a Libra person is not able to identify this balancing quality in him, wearing a birthstone, especially opal will make him understand this side of his personality and in turn improve it and let it help in making his life better.

At the same time Libras also have certain bad traits in their personality including their superficial attitude and tendency to get detached from people and things. But all of these negative traits are reduced significantly if they start wearing the right kind of Birthstone.

Birthstone Jewelry for Libra:

After understanding the overwhelming effects of wearing opal and other birthstones on the life of a Libra person, you might be thinking about getting one for yourself or for someone you love. Opal is a beautiful stone that goes with almost every kind of jewelry and it could be worn with any color of dress, this makes getting opal jewelry even more interesting. There is a great trend of getting opal pendants made up of either white or black version of the stone.

Opal rings are a perfect gift if you are looking for romantic gift ideas for your partner. Not only it signifies your love for your partner but also your care towards them as this stone is going to make their personality, life and every other aspect of their life full of success and prosperity. So get started with choosing designs for the opal jewelry and have a spiritually active life with fashion as a plus point. 

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