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All the people who are born around in the month of February and the start of March are associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Many people are already aware of their zodiac sign because of a widespread understanding and believe in the working of zodiac signs as guiding light when it comes to making decisions, understanding personality of a person and many other things of everyday life. At times people also used this knowledge of astrology as a helpful tool to predict relationships of a person with another, at times with family members too. It is a useful tool for matchmaking in some countries like India.

Astrological signs have great importance in certain cultures and in those places everyone has to make sure that the zodiac sign that they belong is the guiding factor in almost any type of a decision that they take. In the same way it is firmly believed that certain stones are connected to the astrological signs of the people. Since we are talking specifically about Pisces here, it is important to understand which stone is beneficial for the people having the zodiac sign of Pisces. It is a very interesting thing to know that the sign Pisces is not connected to the constellation of Pisces. Although many people believe that if you are born in March you should use aquamarine gemstone but things are different if you are focusing on zodiac signs rather than the month of birth. The real and most accepted stone for the people having the zodiac sign Pisces is, Amethyst.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple colored stone. It is at times cut into beautiful crystal’s shape. It can be worn easily since it can potentially become a good piece of modern and stylish jewelry both for men and women. Amethyst is a natural stone and it can be found having different shades of purple. These shades do not have any effect on the healing powers or other beneficial effects of a stone. Hence you have choices to find the most perfect color for yourself and reap out all the benefits.

Amethyst is considered as the stone of 6th year of marriage. This stone has a wide popularity among the royal families and hence it has always been a symbol of dignity and higher values. Amethyst has a rich history and has been very in demand since biblical times. Its purple color has been termed as the color of Jesus and hence from here it gets its religious and cultural importance.


Amethyst like all other birthstones has a unique origin story of its own. This word literally is derived from a Greek work meaning sober. The most ancient story related to the origin of the stone goes back to the times of Greek mythology. According to the ancient Greek’s believe system, there used to be a virgin goddess who was very young and beautiful and her name was Amethyst. One day the goddess amethyst was attacked by another god Dionysus who become intoxicated with red wine and couldn’t control himself. The goddess amethyst cried a lot and asked the goddess Diana to help her who in turn changed her into a shimmering white stone. As soon as the god Dionysus realized what he had done, he started crying and the class of wine that he was drinking spilled. This spilled wine was absorbed by the stone of goddess amethyst and it was saturated until the purple colored stone was made.

This stone has a religious significance too as it was one of the 12 stones that Arron used to wear on his breast plate and signifies one of the 12 tribes of Jews. Even during the middle ages amethyst was associated with piety and celibacy and this was the reason why many saints and priests used to wear this stone. Hence this is a stone that has been celebrated for ages now and has a very rich history. It was connected with the zodiac sign Pisces and is thought to affect the people born in days associated with Pisces zodiac sign more than anyone else.

Healing Effects and Powers of Amethyst:

Amethyst, the stone for Pisces, has its roots dug deep inside in ancient Indian culture. Ancient Indian culture has a whole idea of dividing the body into different sections on the basis of the centers of different body parts. There are total seven divisions or chakras that are thought to have some specific energy. The highest one, the crown chakra is the one that is believed to have the soul of the person. Indian mythology explains how these chakras have a huge impact on your physical and mental energies along with your social interactions. The chakra that is supposed to control the confidence of a person is the throat chakra.

Although there is no proof how these chakras are connected by the starts or planets, it is firmly believed that certain stones that interact with the planets and stars have the ability to influence the chakras and hence creating a link between the planets and the energy levels of the person. That is why it is believed that the people who have a strong effect on their heart chakra have positive behavior towards the other people and a positive attitude overall. Although the stones like Amethyst have the power to influence all the chakras, some of them are more affected by this beautiful purple crystal than the other.

Amethyst as a stone is thought to have a connection with the planet of the zodiac sign pieces that is Jupiter. When this stone harnesses the energies of Jupiter, its healing effects increase dramatically and this thing is tested and trusted by a good number of people all around the world even up till now.

Amethyst as a stone has many powerful ways to treat a person who has been affected by the evils around him. Amethyst repels evils and heal the person both spiritually and mentally, at times physically too. It was used during the battles to save the warriors from the wounds as these wounds at times proved to be fatal. It has known benefits to protect a person from many contagious diseases. Although every stone that belongs to a particular zodiac sign protects the wearer from illnesses and diseases, Amethyst has been used since ages forhealing purposes. It was also believed that if a person keeps an amethyst with him the evil spirits will not harm him in any way. Even the effects of lapis lazuli, a well-known healing stone, are comparable to the healing powers of an amethyst specifically for the people born in dates corresponding with the zodiac sign of Pisces.

In ancient times there were many ways an amethyst was used for healing and evenmedical purposes. There was a time when people believed that making an amethyst wet with saliva and rubbing it on their face will decrease the pimples on their face and provide the user with clearer skin without any rough patches. It also found its use in the processes of beautifying a person.

In ancient Chinese history, people used amethyst for curing stomach diseases. It reduced stomach pains significantly and also protected the wearer from bad dreams. Its use was widespread to treat the illnesses of lungs.

All these benefits might be believed upon in ancient times, there are many people even in this modern era who believe in the amazing benefits of Amethyst stone.

Effects on Personality:

Amethyst is a stone belonging to the zodiac sign Pisces. Wearing an amethyst is advised for a Pisces person as it imparts very important personality traits onto the wearer. Amethyst affects the heart of the person and fills it with courage and belief in his own self. This in turn makes him confident and the success he has been looking for becomes his destination. The people who wear amethyst become more social and expressive. Excitingly, amethyst also has an impact on a person’scommunication skills making him more and more expressive with different types of people. It makes the wearer get over the problems in life and is able to deal with all the barriers that stop him from being very successful. All in all amethyst has drastic effects on the personality of its wearer hence everyone who believed in the magical powers of stones and planets should get an amethyst especially if they are a Pisces person.

Amethyst as a Gift:

Amethyst is a beautiful stone with a lot of demand in general. It is something that makes a gift perfect for showing any loved one your care and affection for them. Due to the countless benefits that this stone has, it is the best way to show your loved ones how you are looking forward to their success and prosperity and in turn you are gifting them with all the good luck that an amethyst is going to bring upon them. So, if you are planning to find a unique and perfect present for someone you love who also happens to Pisces as their zodiac sign, Amethyst is the answer to all your questions.

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