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Sagittarius is one of the most celebrated and strong astrological sign of all the 12 existing ones. These signs are a part of a grouping system of human beings according to their birth day. These signs coincide with the constellations of starts that are located in between the sun and the planets. These constellations have been known for centuries and people are studying there movements in order to predict the happenings of the future since a very long time.

People born from November 22 to December 21 are said to have the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Like every other zodiac sign, Sagittarius also has a symbol to represent this group of people; the symbol being an archer is a good representative of the overall persona of a Sagittarius person. These are the people well known to have goals and they target their aims like an archer. This is one of the basic traits that shape the whole life of a person born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Myth of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is very interesting as the constellation of Sagittarius has a shape of a centaur like individual who is believed to be the God Nergal. The deity has one human head and the other head is of a panther and it also had wings. The god is said have an arrow and a bow with him and this represents the two natures of the people who are born under this zodiac sign. They have a human like nature as a part of their personality and also an animal like part in their behavior.

The Sagittarius is controlled and empowered by the plant Jupiter. Jupiter’s movement has a strong effect on the everyday workings of the people who are born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. It is one of the four fire signs. This makes Sagittarius people a bit hot tempered and serious. The people overall have a very loving personality.

Out of all the charms that affect the personality of a Sagittarius person, wearing a gemstone is the most effective one. There are certain powers of the stone itself and at times the stone has the power to attract the positive energies towards it making sure that the person who regularly wears the stone has positive effects on his life.

Birthstones for Sagittarius:

There are a lot of birthstones that goes with the personality of a Sagittarius person. But the important stones for Sagittarius are citrine, Blue Topaz, Turquoise and at times Lapis Lazuli. All these stones if worn individually or together can make the life and happenings in the life of a Sagittarius person controllable and understandable. But there are a lot of other things that make these gemstones special and all these details will be discussed down below.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is a very beautiful bluish colored stone with a milky white background. The stone is not only famous for its beautiful appearance but also it has an ability to adapt to people of a diverse kind. This stone works well for many different zodiac signs and is not limited to any specific one of them. It has effects that are observed by almost all the people who wear it but the special effects on a Sagittarius person are stronger than anyone else.

Lapis Lazuli is historically a very well-known stone. It was a part of jewelry for ages and women belonging to noble houses used to wear this stone regularly. Also men used to wear the rings made up of Lapis Lazuli. The stone was believed to bring happiness and prosperity in a house.

Blue Topaz:

Topaz is the stone that is mostly found in honey, golden and orange yellow color but this stone has certain variations and is also found in other colors like Blue. The blue variety of a topaz or the blue topaz is the birthstone for the people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The stone directly have effects on the well-being of Sagittarius people making them more stable and the quest for success becomes very easy for them. The stone is relatively rare as compared to the other varieties of topaz but it is a stone worth looking for owing to its extra ordinarily effective properties and powers.


Citrine is a word that is derived from a Latin word citrus which literally translates into lemon. This stone has a lemon yellow color which at times tends to be inclined towards an oranges shade. This stone has the ability to make a person feel energized and positive even by looking at it. It is believed that the beautiful color and radiance of a citrine are derived from the solar energy and sunlight is a part of this stone. It has a very strong and enchanting aura around itself and wearing the stone will have huge effects on the aura of a Sagittarius person too. Just like the stone, Sagittarius will also have a radiant energy that would make the people around him attracted towards his personality and admire him. At the same time the behavior of Sagittarius people with others would also change. Their ability to love the people around them will dramatically increase and hence all the issues related to relationships would be solving in no time. The stone is guaranteed to happiness, prosperity and peace to the wearer without any doubt.


As the name suggests turquoise is a blue colored gem that is found in many places around the world. This stone is famous for thousands of years due to the strong powers and energies that it holds along with the aura of the stone that is enchanting. This stone is worn to keep away all the negativity from a person and allows the positivity in the form of positive thoughts and feelings seep into a person’s brain.

The stone had a strong demand in the royals for ages due to its amazing benefits and healing properties that were widely accepted and believed in for a long period of time. Even today there are thousands of people who believe in the working of this stone the ways it affects the everyday working of the wearer completely. This stone is not only powerful but also has a beautiful color which makes it easier to blend it in the everyday jewelry and getting double benefits out of it.

Turquoise belongs to the month of December it we make a list of birthstones by month. But in the Middle Ages a new trend evolved including the richer people of the world. They started wearing the twelve birthstones that belonged to the 12 months of the year in order to reap all the benefits out of them. Each stone was worn according to the coinciding month and later this become a trend that many people who were not even born in a specific month or the zodiac sign to which the stone belonged but was able to reap out the benefits of the stone.

Personality traits of a Sagittarius person and effects of wearing birthstones on them:

Sagittarius people have so many strong personality traits that they naturally have a capability to control things around them but no matter how mentally or physically strong a person is, there is always a melting point for everyone. That is where the stone can help a person to regather himself and stand up stronger than ever. Wearing the stone has certain positive effects on the personality of a Sagittarius. They are naturally very generous people but stones boost the empathy level in them and their ability to feel for other people is enhanced many folds.

Another quality of Sagittarius people is that they are full of life and possess an impressive sense of humor. This makes the people around them to like them and love them like anything. Other characteristics that are positive part of a Sagittarius person’s personality are his idealistic behavior and fidelity.

But like every human there are negative aspects of a Sagittarius’s personality too, these include their impatient behavior, their habit of making promises more than what they are capable to deliver and their extreme straightforwardness making them say anything that comes in their mind. These traits are effectively tackled if proper birthstones are worn and a person would be able to channelize all these negative traits in a positive and better way.

Jewelry for Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is a lucky zodiac sign to have all the beautiful gemstones related to it. Wearing citrine, topaz, lapis lazuli or turquoise is not only good for their personality and well-being but also these stones are very beautiful and any piece of jewelry would look amazing with these stones. Although simple rings and necklaces could be an easy option but you can also play with different combinations and get different stones in same piece of jewelry. The choices are limitless as all these stones are diverse enough to be used in almost all kinds of jewelry including embellished watches which is the latest way to wear beautiful stones especially if they look like crystals for example citrine or blue topaz etc.

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