Scorpio Birthstone

February 28, 2019 6 min read

At times it becomes very difficult for us to understand certain happenings in our life. Everything seems like messed up and we could not find a way out of confusion. Humans have been trying to understand the happenings of their life since a very long time. And the most widely accepted way to understand how a person and his surrounding will work or tend to work is to astrologically monitor the effects of starts and planets and their movement of the life of different people born on different dates of the year. This whole system led to the formation of signs of zodiac and people even in modern times believe strongly in this ancient system of stars.

People born from October 24 to November 21 are designated under the astrology sign of Scorpio. This is one of the 12 zodiac signs that are accepted throughout the world. These signs are connected to the constellations that are found between the sun and the planets and are also named after them.

All these 12 signs are divided into 4 groups based on their association with one of the four elements that were considered to be a component of everything in the ancient times. These four elements are water, soil, land and air. Not only have these elements had a special connection with the zodiac signs that belong to them but also they have special effects on the people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The zodiac sign Scorpio is one of the four water signs and the personality traits and overall personality of the person can be described by this connection.

There are some ways that a person can employ to get the positive effects and energies from the planets and stay away from the negative energies. Birthstones are one of the best remedies for this. Every star or zodiac sign is related to a birthstone and at times more than one birthstone that are thought to bring benefits towards the person. These birthstones have certain healing properties that affect the physical and mental capabilities of a person along with the effects on spiritual well-being.

Birthstones for Scorpio:

There are many birthstones that can have positive effects on a Scorpio. Some of these stones include opal and citrine. Being a very lucky stone for Scorpio topaz is also at times considered a birthstone for the people born under this zodiac sign. This is also the stone for people born in November hence those who are born in November and have a star sign Scorpio are most likely to reap benefits out of a Topaz. These are all very beautiful stones and all of them are originated from the earth. There are certain varieties of lab made stones too but this does not affect the overall properties and powers of these stones. The individual powers of these stones are discussed as under.


It is a very beautiful stone that has a unique property of reflecting light in such a way that it looks multicolored. Its background may be black or white and at times these two varieties have different properties as well. This stone has the strong energy to amplify the good qualities in a person. It also marks the love of 14 years of a couple and it is a tradition to present an opal to your loved ones on the 14th anniversary of wedding or relationship. It is a stone of fidelity that brings the person you love even more close to you.

It makes a person more imaginative and thoughtful, increasing the mental capabilities of the people. It has all the powers to bring good health to the person who regularly wears it and keeps the bad luckaway from him completely. Opals are easily available around the world and are used as a part of jewelry. This stone needs expertise of the jeweler as cutting it is in itself a very difficult task. The stone at times dry out and is very difficult to cut later.


Citrine is a very beautiful orange yellow colored stone. It is a very beautiful crystal that is thought to have enclosed the energy of sunlight in it. Sun is the star giving energy and light to all of the solar system. This makes this stone a bearer of health, happiness, good fortune and faith. This stone has revitalizing energies that frees a person from anxiety and depression and gives them a new life.

Citrine is also quartz that has many varieties based on its color. It can range from light yellow to orange to honey and at times brown too. The stone has so many positive vibes that it does not let any negative energy even come close to the person who regularly wears it. If a Scorpio person chooses to wear a citrine it would absorb all the negative energies and dissipates them into earth. This stone protects the wearer from the dark effects of jealousy of people around them. Overall a person’s goodwillis made sure by wearing this stone regularly.


Topaz is another very beautiful crystal that has yellowish golden or green yellow color. This stone gets its name from the word fire. It is a very strong and powerful stone and it has been used since ages for its extraordinary properties. This stone has a very strong religious significance as it is one of those 12 stones that Aaron used to wear on his breastplate. It is believed that these 12 stones were representative of the 12 tribes of the Jews at that time.

This stone also extract its energy from the sun and is said to have many positive effects of the wearer. It makes the person believe in himself and fills him with bravery and magical strength. Wearing this stone makes the overall workings of a person’s life very easy and the effects are increased a lot if the person who is born under the sign of Scorpio regularly wears the stone.

Healing Effects of Birthstones:

Birthstones are not only used to keep the evil away and bring positive energies towards a person, they also have certain medical effects as well. Using stones for healing many ailments has been a complete set of knowledge that was pursued by many people in older time. With the passage of time people have started losing belief in such things but there are many people who still have a faithin older traditions. These gemstones make a person recover from certain illnesses that took many days and even months to be cured.

Stones like topaz and citrine that have the energy of sunlight suck away all the bad energies that make a person sick. They are at times believed to have certain powers to reverse the effects of poison and this is why it was worn by the kings and Queens in their times to protect them from poisons as many royal families lost their life through this medium of murder. Other stones like opal also have many healing effects and they are being used since very long time to protect a person from physical diseases apart from bringing spiritual wellbeing of a person towards them.

Personality Traits of a Scorpio and effects of Birthstone on them:

Scorpio are people who takes there personal relationships very seriously. Although their personality has certain positive and negative aspects, they have very strong bond with the people they love and care for. Scorpios are famous for their personality full of passion and the way they deal with things they love apart from the people they love. They are very determined people and they tend to achieve their goal in time and put in all their energy into achieving what they want for themselves.

At the same time there are certain negative aspects of their personality too. Scorpios are said to have trust issues and that is why they have a very secretive personality. Wearing gemstones make them bond and connect with the people they love at a totally different level and this is why they can open up about themselves with them more effectively through the help of the gemstone making their life and relationships better.

Scorpio Birthstone Jewelry:

If you are a person who was born with the zodiac sign Scorpio or you have someone whom you love and cares for with this astrological sign, you must be convinced by now how important it is to have a birthstone to make the life of the wearer better and easier. These stones are so beautiful that using them in jewelry is a very interesting task.

Some of the suggestions for the people who want to get a gemstone are to wear it in a ring or a necklace. In this way it would be easy to wear the stones regularly. If you want to be more subtle you can have these stones embedded in a watch as well. The choices are endless and no matter which jewelry you chose or what style you select, the effects would find a way to reach you. 

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