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As every person around the globe, although a believer or not, is always interested in knowing about his zodiac, these signs have gained tremendous number of followers and this is the reason for the widespread demand of the knowledge related to different zodiac signs. People born in the mid of the month of March to the mid of April are associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus. The exact dates of Taurus zodiac sign is thought to be somewhere between March 20 to April 21. Taurus is one of the oldest constellations that were discovered in times as old as Bronze Age. Like all the other zodiac signs Taurus is also believed to have a connection with one of the planets. Venus is the guiding planet of Taurus and probably the plant that gives specific energies to the Taurus person.

According to the ancient Hindu mythology, the body has certain energy zones present around it that hold the energies related to different parts of the body. These energy levels are called as chakras and it is said that there are total seven of them. One of each chakra is also related to one zodiac sign each and hence the people belonging to all these zodiac sings have some specific qualities related to that chakra. The birth sign Taurus is connected to the heart chakra. This chakra is related to the love and affection that a person have for other people. Since Taurus is related to the heart chakra, it is easy and simple to deduce that Taurus people have a very huge role of their heart when it comes to their life decisions and choices. Their love and affection is extraordinary and strong. Hence people who are born under this sign are very loving and caring.

There are certain stones that were already famous for their strong powers and mystical characteristics and many of them are connected to the zodiac signs that exist today. When we talk about Taurus, the stone that has the power to give positive powers to a Taurus person is diamond. Sone people also have a little disagreement on this and believe that Taurus has a birthstone emerald but most widely accepted one is the diamond. In order to understand the properties of diamond, it is good to first have a look at the history of the stone.

History of Diamond:

Diamond is one of the most well-known stones in the world. It is beautiful, shiny and transparent. It is a commonly heard phrase that “A diamond is forever”, it is just a depiction of the fact that diamond is the indicator of truelove and affection. It is one of the oldest known stones. The first diamond is thought to have been discovered in India around 3000 years ago. Since that time Hindus assigned religious significance to the stone. This stone is also very important with regard to its physical strength. Since the time of its discovery diamond is also employed in certain tools because of its durability and strength.

The word diamond is initially derived from the word “Adamas” belonging to Greek language. This means invincible, strong, and indestructible. This stone was worn by warriors and was used to serve as a symbol of their strength and invincibility.

This stone gets its value from the style of its cutting and reflective properties. Its beauty is enhanced by proper cutting and hence makes it a stone that might be transparent but has an entire rainbow enclosed in it.

This stone is most commonly known as a stone of love and affection. Lovers present it to each other to let each other know about the affection they have for them. Its qualities are somehow similar to therose quartz which is a beautiful light pink colored stone and is known as a love charm. Both the stones have ability to attract the lovers and make any person fall for the other one completely. This stone is related to the astrological sign of Taurus because this sign is also related with the love and deep affection. There are a lot of healing properties of this stone. Some of them are described as under and also the effect of a diamond on the personality of a Taurus person.

Healing Powers of Diamond:

Diamond has many healing properties as well due to its strong connection with the spiritual powers that affect a person. This stone strongly influence themental and physical well-being of a person and is used to heal many psychological issues. Diamond has certain attributes like its strength and clarity. There attributes are thought to be transferred to the wearer too, hence a person who wears diamond has a clear mind and his decision making abilities.

This stone is also used to make a person more affectionate and get rid of his heartlessness. It also has effects on a person’s heart and you can make anyone fall in love with you by gifting them a diamond. Diamond also has positive effects on a person’s energies and they chose to channel them in good work and not waste them in negative activities.

Diamond helps to improve the overall environment around the person, keeps the evil away and attracts positive and good energies. It also has effects on love life and faith of a person. If you are a person born with the zodiac sign Taurus you will experience even better effects of diamond on your overallhealth andpersonality. It keeps the negative energy away and fulfills you withhappiness andpositive vibes.

If someone suffers fromanxiety anddepression that is not getting any better, it is a great idea to wear a diamond as it is believed to bring calm and inner peace towards a person. It pacify the mind and relives stress. It was also used historically to prevent the wearer from diseases, poverty, thieves etc.

Although many people consider these benefits to be just some superstitious believes, there are a lot of people who are ready to stand for the powers of the stone with their personal experiences, but still, at the end of the day it is all about the faith you have in the stone.

Taurus Personality and Effects of Diamond:

Diamond as a stone not only brings positive qualities in a person but it also has powers to amplify the existing positive traits of the wearer too. There are a lot of positive and negative aspects of a Taurus person’s personality and these are affected by the diamond in the following ways.

The positive qualities of a Taurus person include his generous behavior. It is already established how the people who are born under this zodiac sign have a very kind and strong heart. These people have the natural ability to think about others and hence they are very generous people. At times wearing the birthstone that corresponds with the zodiac sign brings out the hidden qualities too, so if a Taurus person does not seem very generous, wearing a diamond will absolutely make him be one.

Another important characteristic of a Taurus person is that they are verypatient and down to earth. It is difficult make a person born under this sign angry. They have an inherent ability to control theiranger and this makes them have very heathy and strong social relationships.

There are certain negative aspects of a Taurus person too; these include their stubbornness, laziness, and materialistic behavior. But if you notice anything like this in your behavior, or you are pointed out by other people to have any of these flaws, it is a great idea to wear the birthstone that belongs to the star that you were born in. Wearing a diamond will visibly reduce all these negative behaviors only if one has faith in himself and the stone as well.

Taurus Birthstone Jewelry:

Although there are some believes according to which you have to wear a stone in a certain type of way to get rid of certain specific problems, birthstones are very different in this regard. They can be worn in any way you want. Diamond is a very beautiful and precious stone. It is already in demand because of its beautiful look and the durability. Although this stone is a little expensive, it is worth the price.

Hence, if you want to wear a diamond, wear it in any way you want, you can either get jewelry made from diamonds or earrings embellished with it. But obviously that would be very heavy on your pocket. To make things easier, wearing a diamond ring is both effective and a relatively affordable option.

Besides if you have a loved one who is born under the zodiac sign Taurus, you would want to buy a diamond for them. It is a perfect gift that would not only make them understand how important they are for you, but also it would be very beneficial for their own personal well-being to wear this stone. There are a lot of options for you to explore, get started with them already.

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