Virgo Birthstone

February 28, 2019 6 min read

We are way beyond that time when people believed in superstitions and the workings of the starts but one still thinks that if people had such a firm belief in such thing, there must be some truth attached to it too. This is the case with Zodiac sign too, and probably this is the main reason why people still believe the workings of starts and the effects of zodiac signs on their lives. There are certain cultures who consider it compulsory to study the movement of stars and planets to make big life decisions. One of the most popular zodiac signs that people have is Virgo. People born between the mid of August and the mid of September are part of this astrological sign.

The Star that is associated with the sign of Virgo is Mercury. Virgo is directly related to the constellation of Virgo and it has a huge impact on the people since the very old times. The mythology related to Virgo is very deep and interesting. This zodiac sign has been related to the Greek goddess of wheat and agriculture, called Demeter. Also we can find the mention of this star sign in Roman mythology where the Romans used to associate this sign with their Goddess Ceres. All these beliefs have led to evolved and much more authentic characteristics of star sign Virgo.

Another important ancient religion that has calculated the effects of birth sign on the life of a person is Hinduism. With the complex calculated knowledge, Hindus believe that zodiac signs have the capability to affect the chakras of energy around their body. Sign of Virgo is said to have effects of the sacral chakra and it plays a very important role in the life and hence the behavior and characteristics of any individual.

Birthstones for Virgo:

Since the star sign Virgo is directly related to the planet mercury, it has certain effects of the life of a Virgo person too. The movement of the planet and hence the energies that it send to the people able to catch them. If one starts wearing birthstones related to that particular sign, Virgo in our context, they will have a better connection with the energies that are flowing towards them.

Apart from that there are many other characteristics of a person that might be overall bad for his wellbeing, Birthstones, may it be the zodiac birthstone or one of the birthstone by month, are going to help them take up the positive energies and keep the negative ones away from them.

The birthstones designated for Virgo include Moss agate and blue sapphire. Blue sapphire is also the stone of the month of September and although august birthstone is a different one, people born in August can also reap the benefits of a sapphire. Sapphire is said to have certain special effects on the people born in September. Since some of the Virgo people are also born in September, they will have the option to reap out double benefits from wearing just one stone.

Moss agate:

Moss agate is a beautiful marble like stone with green hue inside white milky stone. This stone is connected to the vegetation in the world, its healing powers and benefits are countless and it is relatively a cheaper birthstone for anyone who is unable to afford the precious ones. It also provides the benefits of a zodiac stone or a birthstone and has many healing effects on a person’s mental, spiritual and physical health too. Wearing this stone will keep you away from all the bad vibes and the success rate in your daily undertakings will increase miraculously.


Sapphire is a beautiful and precious gemstone that is mostly found in blue color. The blue sapphire is related to the star sign Virgo and the month of September. Although there are certain natural variants of the stone too, which might be present in different colors except red, blue sapphire is the most widely acclaimed one. It is one of the hardest materials that are found on the planet earth and this durability makes them useful not only as a permanent thing to keep with you but also in other functional processes.

History of Sapphire:

Sapphire, the birthstone of September gets its name from the blue hue that distinguishes it from any other stone. Sapphire translates into blue colored. Sapphires have managed to maintain a very useful image and value since the beginning of time. In ancient Persia the rulers used to believe that the sky is blue because of the reflection of sapphire. That is why they gave religious significance to this stone. Especially the Persians and also the Christians believed that sapphire is a holy stone from heaven. This religious significance has made it even more precious and valuable.

Many royal families had a special connection with sapphires as they believed it to be beautiful and heavenly. Kings used to wear it around their necks to prevent themselves from the effects of evil eye. It was also believed that even looking at this stone brings peace and prosperity to a person. One of the reasons why sapphire became famous in the recent past is that this stone was presented to Lady Diana by Prince Charles in her wedding ring. This makes the sapphire wedding rings trendy and modern part of wedding jewelry.

The biggest known Sapphire stone is called the star or India that is currently present in the museum of England. This stone was taken to UK during the colonial era. This stone is thought to bring peace and wisdom the person wearing it and it also has properties to help the romantic relationships grow. It is thought to increase the love and affection between two people and this act as another reason why people give sapphire rings to their loved ones on their wedding.

Healing Powers of Sapphire:

Sapphire is not only a very beautiful piece of jewelry, it also has very strong effects on the well-being of a person and its healing powers are no secret to anyone. Since very long time sapphire is acclaimed as a stone full of healing abilities and this is the reason that it becomes more precious. From old times when kings and Queens used to wear it till today, Sapphire has given numerous mental physical and spiritual healing powers to the people.

Physically Sapphire is said to have the ability to save you from all kinds of harms and accidents. This stone keeps away the evil eye and protect you from unwanted physical ailments that might result from the strong evil powers. It is also very powerful healer when it comes to mental disturbances. Sapphire if worn religiously will impart a heathy mental state on the wearer and make him more productive. It keeps away the depression and visibly reduces the effects of anxiety. If you are a person born under zodiac sign Virgo the effects will be better and clearer on you.

Spiritually sapphire is thought to be the stone of the heaven. It is beautiful and attractive, and it has spiritual powers, this is why many priests and preachers used to wear a sapphire in their rings. Even Aaron, the first high priest of Jews also used to wear it on his breast plate. All these spiritual benefits make it a good idea for anyone who was born in September to wear this stone if they want to gain spiritual healing.

Personality of Virgo Person and Effects of Sapphire:

The Virgos are people with intelligence; they are meticulous and also have a very clear approach towards things. They have strong personality because of their practical and analytical approach towards life. Virgos are considered as very modest people and they have a lot of self confidence in them. They are reliable and one could trust them with any important thing of his life. There are also tones of other good characteristics of Virgo that are enhanced by wearing the birthstone jewelry.

Also, like many other people Virgos also have certain bad traits including their fussy behavior, their over analytical way of dealing with things. They are fastidious and at times very harsh. Although Virgo people are good at heart, you can expect them to be conservative and judgmental at times. To deal with these negatives of your personality, sapphire brings in the positive powers that neutralize the bad effects making your life easier and better.

Virgo Birthstone Jewelry:

When it comes to making jewelry, sapphire goes well with almost anything. Although a pendant might look very pretty and attractive, wearing sapphire rings is a new trend since the public display of Lady Diana’s ring which was later worn by Kate the duchess of Cambridge.

Sapphire makes durable jewelry and it will definitely rock all your outfits equally. Its blue color makes it look radiant and beautiful. Gifting you spouse or any one you love with a beautiful sapphire ring is not only a show of love and affection but also it would be a caring gesture because of the healing characteristics of sapphire and its effects on the personality. So buy a beautiful sapphire for your loved ones now.



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