About Us

Birthstone Jewelry Box is an LA based jewelry company. Our goal is to design and make handmade, quality jewelry, that you can cherish and love for years to come. Birthstone jewelry is a great way to showcase gemstones and we are dedicated to get more out on the market. They make perfect gifts as well as often have healing powers!

Here at Birthstone Jewelry Box, we use computer and artificial design, in order to create the perfect mold for your jewelry. The mold process is the most meticulous part, needing a design draft and a hand-carved wax mold. The mold must be smooth and clean, with inlaid gem location and size needing to be 100% correct.

We use the best vacuum wax injection machine, which uses pressurized wax. This allows the filling to be more precise, with less bubbles in the wax. Our goal is to ensure beautiful jewelry with no oxidation.

Our polishing masters have been in the business for 15 years. They use German technology and manual polishing to ensure each product has a smooth surface without trachoma or bumps. Our error rate is less than 0.3mm! This process and craftsmanship will allow your jewelry to be more comfortable to wear.

Our pieces are exquisitely crafted, with smooth and precise setting. We use up to 20 professional technological stone setting processes, in order to guarantee your stones are set strongly, with the natural beauty being reflected.

We use three to five layers of real gold plating without lead, nickel or chrome. This allows the jewelry to stay shiny, have a long wear life, be anti-allergenic and keep color more durable. We strictly abide by the international jewelry plating standards!

We have strict professional management standards in order to ensure your product will be of the highest and consistent quality!

Whatever your birthstone may be, we have something for you. Our high quality craftsmanship will help to enhance any stone you desire to wear!