Abella & Diamond


A beautiful and elegant round diamond necklace with all the grace and class is all that you want in your personality. This beautiful piece of jewelry is made up of pure diamond with 925 silver chains. Diamond is one of the strongest gemstones providing you with the mind power for having a proper alignment in life. It is the birthstone of April and has much strong mystical energy. It is well known for ensuring good luck in love for the wearer. Wear this stone to increase your focus on life and look charming at the same time.


Amethyst dispels negativity and enhances psychic ability. Wearing the stone will protect you from evil and nightmares. It works to provide the user with balance, strength and clarity.


Amethyst is the best cure to self-doubt. Once you start having belief in your own self you would be unbeatable. This makes amethyst the best gem to wear regularly.

Repeals Evil Evil

can affect your happiness in the worst way possible, and amethyst is a protector stone that will protect you from any harm by repelling the evil before it touches you.

Cures Deseases

Sometimes the cure to your deadly diseases is not just the medicine. The strength and powers of the universe given to you by the amethyst can help you in healing from many illnesses.

Embraces Your Soul

Amethyst adjusts with the wearer and helps him deal with all the bad things in life. It embraces his soul and makes him a stronger and more woke person than he ever was.

Heals the Mind & Spirit

Anxious mind is unable to think clearly. Amethyst has so much power to clear your mind and heal it spiritually and physically, making you come out a winner from every situation.

Helps Achieving Success

Amethyst opens up your way towards success and makes you work hard for what you believe in. It will make you run towards your dreams and get them too.

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