Abella & Garnet

It a classy and beautiful round necklace made with 925 silver and has a very catchy appearance. This classical beauty is made with an authentic garnet stone which is a deep red colored crystal. Wearing this necklace will attract the energy of circular shape and affect your heart chakra the most. Wearing such a trendy stone will bring in the passion of lovemaking in the wearer. This would prove to be a source of endless joy and no negative energywould be able to harm your positive aura. Wear this classical beauty and get ready to slay.


This stone of manifestation attracts property and helps one to visualize and bring into reality their gifts and talents. Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence, removing destructive tendencies helping one to overcome fear, depression and phobias. This release of negativity patterning allows one to revitalize the mind and develop creativity, motivation and self-expression.

Opens up

If you are keeping everything inside you, that can make life very difficult for you. Citrine will give you confidence to trust people and open up in front of those who care for you.

Good Fortune

Keeping a citrine close to you will have such a blast of positivity around you that the only thing that would be easily accessible in your life would be good fortune and luck.

Gives a New Life

Citrine has the power of life. It will make you alive once again by revitalizing you inner soul and make you a more competitive and healthy human being in your life.

Revitalizes Inner Soul

Everyone has something bad to their name in their life but the ability to move on is not so common. Citrine helps you in starting a new life in a healthier and positive way.

Protects from Evil Powers

Citrine protects you from the evil powers that might be trying to harm you. Jealousy of people can make your life tough but citrine is the best protector for everything.

Health, Happiness & Faith

Citrine has the powers of sun that will give you the best of your health. You happiness will find no ends and your faith in humanity and this world will come back running towards you.