Abella & Opal

Opal is the stone of the most beautiful color. It may have different undertones but the best part about it is the reflection of light. It is so ravishing that you will lose your heart over it. It is made with 925 silver and a pretty silver frame. The real opal cut in a circular shape is a 48-carat gemstone that is so attractive to even look at. This stone will cureall the ailments that are stopping you and bring back good healthto the wearer. It is also a stone of luck full with the powers that will attract good fortune towards you. This is something you really want to invest on now.


Emerald has many healing properties, especially those associated with the emotional body or physical heart, it also nurtures it and awakens the feelings of unconditional love and compassion within you. A powerful healing stone that assists in healing eyesight issues.  


People who wear emerald naturally acquiregood values and their behavior becomes a representative of loyalty. This will make both you and your partner full of mental peace.


Wearing emerald is the easiest way to flaunt what you own in front of the world. It will be like a beacon giving you confidence to deal with the gazes of this universe.


The most important thing in a person’s life is the respect. Having respect of your loved ones is very important and emerald will make you gain all this without making much effort.

Peace of Mind

Emerald is going to solve the mysteries of your brain and prevent you from overthinking. This is the only way that you can get the ultimate peace of mind in your life.

Love & Prosperity

Emerald is an enchanter. It will fix your life and relationships in the best way possible. Your heart would be open to love and you will find prosperity in your life.

Prevents Diseases

Emerald has been use for ages because of its healing powers. It not only cures diseases but also it has the ability to protect you from any possible disease. .

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