Abella & Sapphire

The power of sapphire to catch your sight and make you drool over it can never be overstated. This pretty stone is making this classy necklace a piece to die for. It is a circular shaped real sapphire made in “925 silver” material and brings you the best of the best. Wearing a sapphire is a very different experience. It fills your body with the power of peace and calm. This necklace is not only extremely beautiful but also very powerful at the same time. Wear this beauty and get ready to fall in love with yourself.


A stone of cycles and new beginnings. It enhances your natural intuition, clairvoyance and can assist in developing your innate psychic gifts and talents. Soothes emotional imbalances and stress and can create deep karmic emotional healing. During the lunar cycles waring the moonstone can ease the effects and influence that the moon has upon our emotions.

Clear Vision

Moonstones are going to make you witty and understanding. You would be able to read between the lines and see what is coming your way. You will have a clearer vision and understanding of happenings in life.

Wealthy Symbol

Monstones are precious and not everyone has access to natural Moonstones. They are beautiful and classy at the same time,a good way to show off your class and riches and look ravishing as well.

Lucky in Fortune

Wearing moonstones attracts good fortune towards you. You will be able to deal with your demons and whatever you do would be rewarded by good luck and fortune at your side.

Friendship Stone

If you want the best thing to make your friendships stronger than moonstone is the best way out. It will fulfill you with sincerity and only the good people would come in your life.

Pure & Modesty

Moonstones are so pure that it makes your personality purified as well. You will be more loving and caring towards the love of your life and your faithfulness would be exemplary

Love & Faithfulness

Faithfulness is a precious ability and it becomes a part of the personality of anyone who wears moonstone regularly. Your aura will represent faithfulness and personality that will attract good people.

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